Beauty of the Sences

During the past week I was host to a perfume party. While there are many of you who are probably going, Huh? It is pretty fun. I never thought about making my own perfume before, and it's fun to smell all the different scents.

As were were smelling and chatting, it occurred to me that it would make a great blog. Unfortunately, it was just my daughters, me and the rep -- Sandra. No one else showed up. Have you had that happen to you? happens to me a lot. I'm just not a party magnet, and people are always too busy to come to my house. sigh.

But I figured it was okay, I still get to chat with Sandra, who is a military mom, like me, and see what's new in her life. I talk with her online sometimes, but it's better in person. I also got to spend a little time with my daughters, doing the feminine thing -- perfume.

I really had no idea how perfume was made. Before I met Sandra, I had no idea there were 'essential oils' or any of that. I figured it was some kind of chemistry experiment and walah, you have perfume. Granted, some of the grandmother stuff made me wonder if they used anything resembling real flowers, but I digress.

Urban Botanics was started by a friend's daughter. It was something she'd dreamed about doing since she was a teenager. Her perfume oils are NOT made with essential oils because most of them are hazardous to the skin. The ingredients are from natural sources and are good for almost all to wear -- even those normally allergic. I was excited. I thought I could finally wear perfume again!

You see, my hubby has been allergic to stuff since he was about 20, and while he has accepted my on again, off again perfume wearing, he usually can't stand some of it -- he starts sneezing, coughing and has to leave the room. sigh. So much for romance, huh?

But I thought I had found the answer with the Urban Botanics. I have -- sort of. As long as he's not in the house when I have the party, we're great. When she pulls out her oils and starts the home fragrance bit (a wonderful alternative to candles and candle warmers), he has to leave. sigh.

Have you ever thought there was an art to smell? Everyone talks about the things you can't stand to smell...skunks, manure, etc. But I like to focus on the joys of scent. I love roses -- not only the beauty to look at, but the smell! ahhhh, it's heavenly. Although, I find if I smell it in a perfume, it reminds me too much of a grandmother smell.

I don't know how my grandchildren are going to deal with a grandmother that doesn't wear perfume and hates the smell of mothballs...grin.

Anyway, if you think about it, there are lots of smells that are a gift. Smells bring memories into sharp focus, they help us to calm, enliven and enjoy. It's amazing. Think about it...chances are, if you have a fond memory, there is a smell involved.

I love the smell of baby powder. It reminds me of my children when they were babies...

But there are some smells that they don't sell in bottles that I will always love -- like the smell of my husbands skin, the smell of the backyard right after the lawns cut or there's a rain shower, the forest with a campfire...They are all memories of beauty locked in my brain.

It's interesting, I've never thought about the art of smell, or taste or feel before. But upon contemplation, they have a great deal to do with appreciating it.

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