Count The Blessings...

Have you thought of what this earth would be like if Satan had won? He had promised that we'd never have pain, never be hurt and would all come back to Heavenly Father...

In thinking about that today, (I had loads of time to think, I was working at the cannery, and you know it's not a real brain job...grin) I realized this is one of the reasons we have The Arts.

The Plan of Happiness, is just that -- an eternal plan for our happiness.

Just think if we didn't have the arts in our lives -- there would be no music, theater, no real color, no upliftment. (I'm not sure if that's a word...) The many gifts and talents we have been given as children of our Heavenly Father enrich our lives.

I was thinking of this because I remembered my daughter saying how she didn't like to be like anyone else, she liked to be different -- unique. What is kind of funny about that statement, is that it's usually because they want to look just like their friends...Gangs are another example of this -- they are different, but all the members have to look very similar, have similar clothes, tattoos, etc.

Satan likes to make us think that we have be like others to fit in. That our outward expressions must be like everyone elses, and we have to do certain things to be happy.

Heavenly Father and The Savior have taught us that we are each special in our own way. We are each different, and we each have our own talents and challenges.

I find the idea that we each have our own talents a wonderful thing. Just think if everyone only painted in watercolor, or just in oils, or perhaps only did pen and ink? The world would be soooo limited.

I believe part of the reason we have these wonderful gifts and talents, is to bring us joy. Think about colors for a moment...does the color black make you happy? Bring a smile to your face? Not likely... But how about the color yellow? or a poppy orange? Cheer, brighten and uplift -- that is the purpose of the arts in our lives.

What amazed me is that even when they were first building up this valley, the pioneers made time for music, plays, entertainment, dances. They knew that such things brought enrichment to their lives. They knew that to be without them, life would not be rich -- we would simply be existing.

To simply exist is what Satan wanted. We would come to earth, get our bodies, exist through this trial of time, and then we'd die and go back to Heaven. There was nothing about enrichment, growth and knowledge.

What we are given instead, is a wonderful time of joy, enlightenment, enrichment with family and friends, exploration of senses, places and amazement at the planet he gifted us with. Truly He has given us such wonderful things in this life to enjoy and bring us happiness!

It's hard to realize that this life we live is only a blink in the eternities. When we die and go back home, all will be clear, and we'll realize that everything that seemed important here, is nothing. The only things we will be able to take with us are those thoughts, emotions, memories that we created while here. (Along with family!)

So I urge you to find joy. Find happiness in the world around you. Find it in the arts...whether it be music, painting, theater, movies, who knows...the list is endless and available. We've talked about museums, festivals, the fairs that are going on and coming up. There is food all around us -- it's up to us to partake and find joy.

I wish color, happiness and joy for all of you.

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