I've Made the Semis!

Well...since my theme this month is the Olympics, I've got a few items of my own. Remember how I mentioned going to county and state fairs for viewing art and enjoying it for low cost? Well, this week was our county fair, and I entered a painting. It was kind of a last resort -- I felt I'd committed to doing it and the painting was the only one handy. It framed up nice, and everyone commented on it when I turned it in.

My hubby insisted on taking this shot...so now you know what I look like with extremely short hair...lol.

Anyway, I was so excited! I've never had anything go higher than 3rd place. I figure when I enter something that earns a ribbon, I take it to the State fair and see how that goes. I've never gotten anything higher than 6th there...

In watching the Olympics this past week, especially the gymnasts, it has reminded me a lot of where I find myself. There are several semi's that are required for some of the competitions -- especially in swimming and track and field. Gymnastics, on the other hand, kind of starts with the team stuff and then takes off into the other levels.

But on going with the theme of art...I find gymnastics the most amazing of the summer sports. (I've never been into the flag waving stuff, or understood synchronized swimming...what's that all about???) The grace and agility of these athletes are just mind boggling. If you watch it long enough, I'll bet you start pointing your toes as you go down the stairs, splaying your fingers as you bend over, or seeing how high on your toes you can go before using a chair or ladder...grin. They make you want to add grace to your life.

I was able to watch the Gold medals for the all around today (yes, I tape them and then watch later...toooo long in the evenings for me) and was amazed at how well the US gymnasts did.
Of course, remembering that they spend hours everyday doing this stuff, it shouldn't be so awesome, but it is. There are many who do the same thing day after day and still don't make it to the Olympics...so these girls are different.

I also think the whole team had a lot of pressure on them, because as I've mentioned before, there is still politics involved. (Oh...and all photos are from the internet -- probably united press.) The scoring was supposed to be new and keep things from being confusing, but listening to the commentators this morning when they were talking about the scores received for different athletes, I don't think it's helped at all. They were hinting that the judges were being paid by China...yeah...I don't think that's happening, but I don't think they've been doing us any favors either.

It's sad that something so beautiful has to be brought down to a score. A judge has to give opinion on it. I always want to know if the judges were professionals in the sport at one time -- otherwise, how can they qualify to be judges? Or is it a question of those who can't, teach?

What is really astounding, is how they can move this way. This shot (wow, talk about timing) makes it look as if this girl is like a barbie doll and can move her legs any direction she wants without muscles or bones getting in the way!

I remember feeling this way on the way back from the mail box when I was waiting for letters from my would be husband...grin.

But as these games progress, and we see all the different sports that they compete in, there are many chances to observe beauty and appreciate art in the human form and ability. Heavenly Father has created an astounding piece of machinery in the human body. The Olympics simply showcase it.

So...in my own personal Olympics...I'm off to the State fair to enter my talent. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Jennifer said…
Your painting is gorgeous! Good luck! I agree - you can't help staring at those gymnists, just wondering how in the world they can DO that. :)
Karlene said…
I love your painting. And your short hair. Good luck. :)
Sandra said…
Congrats on the ribbon.
Love the hair.
Congrats! Very nice!

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