Brandon McConnell

Writing a blog sometimes takes all I've got. Coming up with new subjects for your interest is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating job. I want to present things that capture your imagination, but I don't find such things very often. Sometimes I come up with something interesting, like the Indian jewelry and sand art, which I found fascinating -- and then sometimes I find things by pure serendipity. (Although, I don't believe in coincidence.)

A friend emailed me a video of a spray painter and his one minute painting. She knew I was an artist and she thought I would find it interesting. I was grateful, because though I've seen it before, it gave me something new and different to present to you. Brandon McConnell has been able to take a medium that most of us don't understand or use for anything other than mundane tasks and turn it into an amazing art form. I've always thought that spray paint had potential, anyone who's seen the art work on the side of trains, or the second Santa Clause knows how it can be used. But Brandon's work is a whole new level.

This is the first painting I had seen. I didn't really even know his name -- an now you do.

This is the second one I came across, and I was amazed at how he produced it.

And just when you think there can't be anything more, he shows how he has developed his craft into using other items with the spray paint. Regular items that I would use in painting, and items I would use in painting my home...Kind of reminds me of Bob Ross in how he presents and makes it easy for the watcher to learn.

Some of his stuff is a little to strange for my taste, but I thought you would enjoy seeing him work and the amazing stuff he comes up with. Amazing what people can do.

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Cindy Beck said…
Amazing, isn't it? It still takes a lot of talent to come up with the ideas, but it also seems like an art form that could be learned by those who are interested.

Thanks for posting this.

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