Having a Moment here...

I feel some days like I'm living in a cartoon. One of those with a woman sitting at her desk, photos of her family around her, co-workers vying for her attention, and a dozen things hanging above her head.

She's on the phone and telling someone she simply can't take on another project...if she did she was afraid she'd upset the balance of her juggling act and things would fall apart.

While I'm not nearly as busy as that, this week has felt that way.

I have so many things going on at work, so many things going on at home, that I'm feeling deep down I'm missing something.

I hate that feeling. So...in addition to missing getting the scripture thought out yesterday, I've notice my readership has dropped off too.

I'm sorry if you're feeling bored or uninterested in what I'm saying...I know it's my fault, because if it were cute or interesting, you'd be reading. That's what I do...grin.

So, I am working on it. Hopefully things will get better soon.

See ya Friday...


Cindy Beck said…
I can't say for others, but I haven't been here because things have been so hectic ... I had to put all my blog reading on hold.

Your blog is very interesting, so it's not anything you're doing wrong ... it's just the "speed of light" pace of life sometimes!
Sandra said…
I agree with Cindy. And I live in that same cartoon ;)
yep, I haven't been around to any blogs ... only the photostory Friday ones and then I try to visit everyone on my blog roll ..... life is busy!

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