The Manner of Happiness

Sunday was a very interesting day for our Sunday School class. There were several scriptures that I thought I'd like to highlight, but then I forgot them between then and now because I try not to write on Sunday. I should have done it anyway -- this is a spiritual thought, right? grin. Anyway --

The scripture that caught my eye last night is 2 Nephi 5:27
"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."

I thought that kind of went along with the thought I'd had a week or so ago about how we, of all people should feel at peace about our world, despite what is going on -- because we know the end.

So, even though we feel as if we might loose our jobs anyday, or the bills might be too much, or our savings isn't what we had hoped, or the children aren't following our example as close as we would like, or have even strayed -- there is always hope.

We can always live in the manner of happiness if we focus on what is right with our world. If we count our blessings.

Someone commented that it's amazing how much food there is in our country, compared to others. I thank the Lord every night that we have a home to live in, electricity and warmth -- cars that run, food to eat.

They may seem like simple things, but they bring me a measure of happiness. There may be large problems with our country right now, but it's still the best one on the planet. We still have freedom, we still have rights, and we still have the gospel.

Have a wonderful day.


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