Robert Duncan's Art

My dentist has several paintings in his dentist office, not in the reception/waiting area; but in the rooms. One of my favorites is this one at the top. I've often admired these paintings and wondered who the artist was. I love the way he uses light and color together. How he can imbue the painting with emotion and peace. They are wonderful.

Today a co-worker was showing me a little calendar she had purchased, and it was the paintings of this same artist, so I finally discovered his name. Robert Duncan. I was so excited that I finally knew who it was, I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it.

Now, I realize that I'm probably one of the few ignoramuses who didn't know who this man was, or how talented he is. I'm sorry! Grin. But, I'm repenting and determined to own some of his work as soon as I can afford it. Even if it's just a calendar.

This one of the boys in the orchard is another favorite from the doctor's office.

It makes me think of days gone by, when boys worked on farms during the summer, went fishing at nearby springs, and learned the values that are so important.

But what really grabs me is the ones he has painted of snow. You feel as if you are totally there in the picture, in the snow, feeling it coming down and enjoying the fun of play.

Obviously, I hadn't seem much of his work before today. I've only been privileged to see a handful of paintings, but they were enough to grab my attention and want to see more.

A good artist is able to do that. That's why people collect their work, hand their paintings, and sponsor them in galleries. When you come across something beautiful and inspiring, you always want to share it. Our joy in something grows in the added appreciation of others.

As we begin to see spring on the horizon, and winter edges out of our nights, these paintings help to bring those feelings into our hearts; make them real and bring back memories that are much the same as what is painted.

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I read in one article that Robert Duncan was elected into the Cowboy Artists of America and that he's received two silver medals in their annual exhibition. I would say he's captured the heart of the home, as well as the west and nature. He truly is an artist.

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Karlene said…
I love his work--especially the one with the pig.
Cathy Witbeck said…
My husband bought a Robert Duncan picture of a little blonde girl petting a calf in a field that hung in our kitchen for years. He said it reminded him of me.
We also have a well known painting by Mr. Duncan of a mother in a nightgown, holding a baby. It is one of my favorites. His style is so soft and tender. Thanks for blogging about his work.
Anonymous said…
Today someone sent me a Powerpoint presentation of Robert Duncan's work. What a wonderful treat to watch this powerpoint and see full screen a collection of his works. if you would like me to send it to you just let me know. I will check your blog. I am new to blogs so please bear with me. I came across your blog searching on this wonderful artist.

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