What was that again??

I was reading an article in the Deseret News this morning and came across a referrence to an article in the MormonTimes written about a presenter at a conference. I guess it just goes to show that almost anyone can present -- it doesn't mean it's going to make sense.

The meat of the presentation was that Mormon film has failed. (I know, I don't write for the arts anymore - oh well.) It said what started with Richard Dutcher and God's Army has now failed and the reason is that they were trying to show Charity and Faith at odds with each other and (I guess) confused the audience.

Personally, I think Dutcher just flirted too close to the other side and the dark side won. He was simply frustrated that he hadn't made millions with his movies, that no one else was following his example and so he felt betrayed, lost and left the church. I figure if he's really as smart as we thought he was, he'll be back. The smart ones always come back because they know there's no where else to go.

But beside that -- the article ends with the idea that the only film that really met the goal and showed the power of faith and charity was Napoleon Dynamite. He mentions the part where Napoleon's friend is off stage watching him dance (which was the only part of the movie worth dancing in my opinion) that there is this big moment.


I personally don't think LDS film is dead. I think it's on hiatus right now because they're searching for subject matter that will make us want to come see the movies again, but I don't think it's dead. There is just too much good out there, and lots going on. Film is not what defines us. It is fun when there is a good one to watch, but it's not necessary to our salvation, and that's what everyone needs to remember. There are more stories like Best Two Years out there. Didn't we just have the one about sister missionaries?

There was a glut of silly/stupid films for a while that we've all decided to sit back and see what's worth watching in the next batch. They'll come. There will be another Dutcher to show us the strength of faith in action.

But I sure don't see Napoleon Dynamite as a definition of my faith. Do you??


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