I Really am Loosing My Mind...

Okay...you know you have too much on your plate when you forget things...but forgetting a party that you're giving??? sigh.

You know I do mystery shops, well, I gave a Pampered Chef party on Wednesday and Tuesday I told someone that I'd do a shop on Wednesday. In Wyoming.

I really need a vacation. I am SOOOO glad I have today off. I'm hoping to de stress, but I've got all my kids home for the day, so you know how that works. sigh. And then my son takes off with the truck (our only gas efficient vehicle at home) and doesn't tell me where he's going or why...

And I was going to do what today???

Also, I have started with a personal trainer. I know...it's really crazy, but my husband insisted. You see, if you are brutally blunt about it, I am extremely obese. At least that's the medical terminology. My family doesn't agree with it, but ya know. Anyway, I've been struggling to try and get the weight off for years, and just haven't had any success.

My hubby made me promise, oh, wayyyy back in February that I'd hire a personal trainer and see if that made the difference. Well, easier said than done, actually. I didn't want to go to some gym and have their specialty person, I wanted a personal trainer that came to my home. We couldn't find one. I finally thought of KSL.com the other day, and what do you know? They had personal trainers in their classifieds. (that was after wading through sooo many massage adds I thought I was going to puke) -- wait, pretend I didn't say that, my daughter-in-law is graduating as a sports massage therapist...sigh. (Yes, I have a daughter-in-law now...but that's for a future post)

Well...so we found a place called Lifelong Fitness. They are not a huge gym with no name workers and skinny, spadex clad instructors, they are a simple workout facility with personal trainers that you meet with to discuss your individual needs. You have addess to the facility 24 hours a day, and you meet with the trainer every week to discuss your progress, your nutrition (you'll notice I did NOT say the 'D' word)and are available when you are discouraged, frustrated, etc. Granted I've only been formally going for less than a week, but so far, so good. I'm encouraged, and that's saying something.

You track your eating habits on an online calorie tracker, and then bring in printed copies for them to look at. You could lie your head off, but they'd see it in the non-results, so you'd only be hurting yourself. I didn't think we could afford it in the beginning, but when we took stock of all the health issues I'm facing and what they would cost in the future, we figured it was the cheaper option.

I think part of my no brain stress has come from trying to do so many things at one time. I guess we'll see. I have lots to try and accomplish this weekend, but I'm not going to stress out if it doesn't all get done. Life goes on, right?? And my sanity is most important. ;)


Good luck! I keep thinking I should hire a personal trainer, but I'm afraid they might make me work. I'm working on the 'nutrition' thing, and so far so good.

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