Life is Crazy

Okay...we have gone in one week from have 5 children at home to having 6 (the 6th one isn't ours) and by next week, will have 7 again. sigh. How does this happen?? grin. Well... My son is getting married. She's a cute girl and we like her, but he doesn't really know her, so it's going to be interesting. And they are both out of work and broke, so they're living with us. Isn't life fun???
Sigh. Problem is, I remember when he was just a little guy and having fun with life. When do they grow up???
Oh well.

Conference was wonderful, and the weather was fantastic and my bday was pretty good for most the day. So, I'm pretty blessed. If I get a couple of obstacles to deal with along the way, I can handle it, right? Like my white shirt coming OUT of the laundry dirtier or more stained than it went in??? ARGH. Ok...I'm ok.



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