Gotta Love Julia!

Okay, I finally got to see the movie Julie and Julia last night with my daughters, and it was a blast. I laughed so hard! Meryl Streep does such a good job of imitating her voice and mannerisms, it's mind blowing. It also made me want to do better at my blogging. The only problem was the ending -- Bummer!!! Can we protest?? ;)

My daughters and hubby think I should do a similar idea with my weight loss and recipes. Since I have another blog that is about food, I am torn with which location to do. I supposed I'll do the weight loss here, and the food there, but it will feel like no one is reading me, just like the movie. I guess it depends on why I'm doing it, right? For readership or to write?

Well, for now, it's to write. I guess we'll see how it goes, and if I get any more followers...grin.

And by the way...yesterday was weigh in day, and I lost three pounds over Christmas. I was disappointed because it seemed low, my hubby was impressed that I still managed to loose weight over the holidays. I guess that is a point... ;)
Have a good one!


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