Slowly but Surely, 2 more...

sigh. The first weighing in kind of spoiled me for the rest. I only lost 2 lbs during the past week. I guess it's good that I'm still loosing, but at this rate, it's gonna take me a LONG time to get rid of all this weight. I guess that's only appropriate, since it didn't come on really fast either...right?

Anyway...I figured I'd let you know how the progress was going. I've been having fun cooking -- you ought to check out my cooking blog and see the recipes.

My trainer says that I'm doing okay, she's really impressed with the recipes I've been adapting. I took her some samples yesterday and she really liked them. Grin. I guess there was a bit of good news out of all of it... to clean my desk. Have a good one!


Bethany Wiggins said…
Two pounds a week is fantastic!!!! And just think, yo are gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat, so you've probably lost more like four pounds this week. Wish I could say the same!
Karlene said…
Way to go!

Hey, I need to talk to you about something and I've misplaced your email address. Contact me at karleneb AT rosehavenpublishing DOT com

Thanks. :)

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