What is it About Weddings...and Babies?

Okay. Have you ever watched the movie The Mirror has Two Faces with Barbara Streisand? It's really a wonderful watch, and it has many corollaries to real life. There's this scene where she's describing her sister's wedding to her class (she's a literary professor) and I thought of this scene yesterday at my nieces wedding.

I had no part in it -- so unlike Streisand I couldn't say I was part of the stereotypes. But in watching the proceedings, I realized a book could have been written about this point in time. It wouldn't be a happy one, because in some eyes, there wasn't a happy ending. It's one of those, did she make the right choice? moments.

I watched my niece, who didn't look happy through the whole ceremony, and didn't really seem awake as she greeted us afterward, and wondered if she was on drugs. She didn't show any animation or happiness until after we were eating and things mellowed a little. My husband pointed out that perhaps it was nerves and she's pregnant, (yes, there is that) and stuff.

It could also be the knowledge that she'd shut her mother out of the proceedings and only allowed her to participate. Yeah.

I quoted an old phrase in my other blog a week or so ago... You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. Boy oh boy.

Well...the wedding and it's initial drama is over. I guess we'll see how things go.

Did I mention I'm going to be a grandma before the end of the year?? That's right...the son that got married (which I hadn't mentioned before either...long story) told us last week that his wife is expecting.

Not only that, but my un-married daughter is also expecting. They are due within days of each other.

This should be a real interesting year...


Bethany Wiggins said…
Two grandkids in one year? How awesome. May they both be beautiful and healthy!
Cathy Witbeck said…
Babies are the best. Congrats on the grandma thing. Doesn't always come the way you plan, but neither do babies.

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