Technology is Our Friend

by G.Parker

Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  This isn't quite the post I would have done had I had more time, but since I'm using my daugters little tablet, this is the best I can do this week.  My computer (my lovely large keyboard that is erogonomicly friendly- sorry if there are any spelling errors, she also doesn't have firefox or chrome and IE doesn't have a spell check!) has been suffering due to the switch my hubby has that doesn't like me right now.  He's a wonderful computer tech, and we have a switch to have multiple computers on the internet at the same time.  Well, the switch seems to be dying, and the wireless connections are working, but not the wired ones.  Sigh.  So, I started work this week and don't have time to access things at work, so I'm stuck.  My hubby is studying on his computer, and when he's not, it's a little tablet like my daugter's and it's also locked with a passwrod I haven't bothered to memorize.  I mean, what's the point?  I never use it...  lol.

So.  As a writer in today's world, I've come to rely on computers.  I used to write with a pen and paper.  I even used to use a pencil, which makes me shudder to think of it now.  (Pencil fades)  But when my fingers were able to type almost as fast as I thought, it was much easier to write my stories on a keyboard rather than on paper.  I loved the electric typewriter.  Remember the movie You've Got Mail and the one guy's fascination with the electric typewriter?  I can totally relate. a point.  I wouldn't collect the same one. :)

It has also gotten to the point where to submit to a publisher you need to be able to do it in electronic format.  I remember the first time I saw that on a submission requirement.  I wondered what the world had come to.  I guess that gives away my age - but then, how many of you actually used a typewriter anyway?  There's a reason they call it keyboarding instead of typing now. 

Well, since I'm using my daughter's computer, I need to cut this rambling short, so I'll sign off now.  Have a great weekend, enjoy your internet connections and reflect on how strange your writing life would be without the computer.

We'd be back in the dark ages!  ARGH.  I'm okay now.


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