Ah the memories...lol

Today is 8 Track Tape day.  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...man, you missed out.

 Those were the days...you listened to your song, and right in the middle it would switch tracks.  ARGH!  lol  It drove me nuts!  But hey, we didn't have a lot of choices back then.  I mean...this was the early 80's, okay?  Dinosaurs still roamed the earth (well, according to my children, lol)
and just to round things out...

today is also Felt Hat Day.  ;)   why they would want a day to honor them, who knows.  I mean, they have a day for almost anything, so why not?  My son is wanting fedoras for his wedding...think he'd go for felt hats? lol  (it's not him that would have to say yes, right?)

Well...have a good one!  And enjoy the awesome rain!  ;)


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