Are we Having Fun Yet??

Of course we are!  And today we have a whole lot of things to have fun with.  ;)

Most of it is silly, so I’ll just mention ones that Brownielocks mentions on her site.. 

World Car Free Day – I’d love to think they meant everyone got a free car, but ya know.  It’s another green day, telling everyone to walk instead of drive, or use busses or trains type thing.  Actually, they don’t want anyone to drive cars…and I find that interesting.  According to the site I found, they feel we’re a car dominated society.  I think that bears discussion, but not here, and not today.  Right?  Lol

Dear Diary Day – If anyone remembers journals, or still writes in one, this would be the day.  I used to be soooo faithful about writing every day.  Even on my mission I wrote pretty much every day.  That all changed after having kids, let me tell you.  Sigh.  Well…so write how much joy you found in life and perhaps it will breed more…  ;)

Elephant appreciation day – I’m not sure why elephants need more appreciation than other animals, but hey, I think they’re fun, so we should all go to the zoo and admire them.  ;)  Or hang pictures on the wall or something…  make elephant shaped sugar cookies?  That sounds good…

Hobbit Day – well, if you’re going to comic con this weekend, you can save your hobbit appreciation for that.  If not, tonight would be a good night to watch the Hobbit.  ;)  If you had several hours…and not a wedding to be planning for…and lots of food for late dinner and early evening snacks…lol

Ice Cream Cone Day! Yeah!! We have ice cream, just not the cone.  I might have to grab some so we can eat ice cream while we’re working in the yard.  That’s a way to combine stuff, right?  I know how to party!!

National White chocolate Day.  Ugh.  Okay – for those of you who like the stuff, enjoy!  I’m happy for you!  Personally, there are very few times I like it, so don’t’ know what to say about it that’s positive…lol

National Women Road Warrior Day – This is apparently to honor those women who are traveling a LOT and are called road warriors?  Never heard of it before…think it’s kind of crazy, but hey, thought it could go along with liking to travel and so, perhaps that can be the thought.  Where do you want to go?

And for an even smaller bit of silliness – today is the International Day of Radiant Peace.  Find your inner happy place and feel that peace, baby.  ;)

And lastly…for those who are Jewish – it’s Yom Kippur today!  So, happy day of atonement! 

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the great fall weather.


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