It's Friday!

Hi Everyone!  You made it!  It’s Friday!!  I don’t know, but it seems like this week was a little long…could be I’m getting ready for a wedding in 11 days that makes it seem that way, but who knows.  Lol   Today there is LOTS of stuff on the crazy calendar, so we’ll just jump in.  ;)
Air Force Birthday!   Happy bday to the Air Force!  My brother was in the Air Force when I was a teenager, and I always thought it was so cool.  I almost joined up…but went to college instead.  Hm…interesting choice, huh?  I probably wouldn’t have made it into the academy, lol.

Constitution Day – which I think is strange, because I remember hearing on the radio yesterday that all these people became citizens because it was constitution day…oh well.  Still a great thing to remember…and make sure our children remember.  ;)

National Ceiling Fan day!!  Okay – so everyone who loves the invention of the ceiling fan raise their hands!!  (not too high, don’t want to get clipped by them, lol)  I tell you, we have several in my house and wish we had more.  What’s kind of funny is the day was started in 2013 to support using less energy by encouraging people to turn off their AC and turn on their fans…

National Cheeseburger Day! My kind of day to celebrate…my favorite (well…next to pizza) meal.  We make turkey burgers at my house, with cheese and pineapple slices...yum!!  But once in a great while, we love to get a good Burger Stop burger.  Ever had one?  Have to try it...  ;)

National Respect Day.  Hm…sad that we have to have a day to remind people to be respectful of others, right?  This would be a day to remind your kids…lol

And last…
It’s National Clean up the World Weekend.  It’s nice to think they were actually thinking we could do that…I guess it would be a start, no matter how much got done.  We’ll be doing our part, lol.  Like I said, wedding in 11 days in my back yard….so we’ll be cleaning.  ;) 

Once again I will also be at the Layton FEST tonight, selling paintings and doing face if you're in the area, come visit!!!  ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!


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