Happy Birthday to me....

I have to say, I think my birthday yesterday was probably one of the most low key I've had in a LONG time.  sigh.

I guess when you get to be my age (which is unmentionable) you shouldn't expect big parties or for everyone to remember (because you don't remember everyone's!! lol) but you'd think all your children would at least comment...and your siblings.  Well...5 out of 7 isn't bad, I guess, and 1 for 2 isn't that bad either...right?  Oh well. My youngest daughter made me a yummy cake on Sunday, which I've been munching on every day since...and we had cheesecake last night that my hubby and I split for days because his bday is always 5 days before mine, and we were waiting till Sunday for the cakes, so we got cheesecake for the 'day'.

It's kind of strange how birthdays are so much different as you get older.  There was a time when you were young, that you wanted the whole world to know it was your bday.  Then as you get to be a teen, you want everyone to think you're older...  then when you get into your 20's, it's not as cool to celebrate...and then when you get past 30 you don't want anyone to know the numbers and you avoid the day.

Once you get past 50, it's like you're on the downhill slope of life, and everyone expects you to die soon, so why bother?  lol

Well...I'm on the nether side of 50, (sigh) and I'm looking at it as the glass is half full type thing.  I still have lots of good years in me, and God and health willing, I'll be here to enjoy them and my wonderful grandchildren.

So - hope you have a great bday when it's your turn.  Have a piece of chocolate cake on me.  :)


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