It's Monday...can I go back to bed??

I mean feels like I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep for a week...and over the weekend my hubbies step dad we have a funeral this next weekend...  My hamstring is driving me crazy...and I've still got another 6 weeks??  (average time to heal is apparently 8 weeks...)  And I feel like I'm in a brain fog today.  :(

So... decided that we need a couple of things to brighten the day.

First I want to mention, since my hubby went to Canada on his mission, we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving every year.  So, Happy Thanksgiving!! 
And yes, we do the whole bit...except we forgot to get an extra turkey last year and are doing a couple of turkey breasts and thighs...dang it.  Hopefully everyone will be nice and not throw a fit at no legs... lol  Lots of fun pie....I think all the kids are coming too, so it's going to be a full house.

National Handbag Day:  For those of the female excuse to go buy another purse!  I know a few of you out there...
Native American Day -
in honor of my son-in-law...kind of works with Canadian Thanksgiving, right?  :)  Didn't they help with the celebration??  I'm thinking we need to paint faces for dinner tonight, lol.  

Angel Food Cake Day - If you have to have a food day, then here ya go.  If only it wasn't just sugar...I don't mind it so much with other things, it's just tooo sweet by itself.  We usually make Triffle with it.  Yum.  :)

this is my oldest granddaughter for halloween last year...  Isn't she a cutie??  Her dad (the part Native American one) just kind of loves her a little... lol

Well...hope the rest of the day goes better for myself and everyone else out there.  
Enjoy the turkey!!


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