Happy Monday

And what a Monday it is, too!  Crazy.  I hope everyone had a better start to their day than I did, lol.
So, figured we could all do with a reason to smile...  there are two things that I think are awesome...

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - which everyone loves to pop bubble wrap...great way to destress!  Always makes you smile.  I think it would be fun to wrap up in it and listen to it pop...or you could do the whole Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium and dance on it...  Kids love that.  😊

Croissant Day - I have to say, I think croissants are just about the best thing since bread was invented.  It's not something you would dare eat everyday unless you were French, but hey, it's good once in a while.  Love it with hot chocolate...  😊  Also good with chicken salad... 

Inane Answering Message Day - and last but not least...we all hate those answering machine messages that drive us crazy!  We have a neighbor that his used to get me all the time!  It would answer and you'd think it was him, and then it would be "hello?  hello?  I can't hear you... guess you'll need to call back,"  UGH.   My favorite is a studio c skit of Jason doing voices trying to put a messaging on his phone. 

Have a good one!!


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