It's Friday and a long weekend!

Okay - I know we aren't supposed to be living our lives in anticipation of the next best thing coming...but I've been waiting for this weekend!  Who knows why...just had a long Christmas break -- but it wasn't long enough.

We're going to have granddaughters over Saturday night as well, and that should be fun!  I'm being positive here folks...hate to say how much it's a whole different ball game with six and three year olds when you're over the 50 year mark as compared to when you were in your early 30s...  sigh.

Anyway - a few fun things to get your weekend rolling from Brownielocks and the Nibble.

Blame Someone Else Day- Well, if you like to blame others for your errors or get people in trouble, today is your day.  Siblings unite, right??  Don't they always blame it on the other?  My kids did...still do, lol

Make Your Dream Come True Day - So, if you've been procrastinating following your dream, today's the day to start making it happen.  I think we tend to forget that society has created the lives we go about living.  That's not what we're here for.  We all have something great within us.  What is it you want to do with your life?  Are you doing it?  Why not!?  If you are, share it with the rest of us, motivation is a good thing.  😊  Just think of where we'd be if Disney had not followed his dream?  Or heavens....what if Thomas Edison hadn't invented the light bulb?  Or Bell, the telephone?  
National Peach Melba Day

Read more at:
National Peach Melba Day

Read more at:
National Peach Melba Day - did you know the Peach Melba was created in honor of a Sophrano named Nellie Melba?  I had no idea.  There's quite the history of it here along with a recipe, if you're interested in making it.  I'm not a big fan of peaches and ice cream, but ya know.

and just to get things rockin' and rollin', those toes tappin '  here's one of my favorites by the Piano Guys:

Have a great one!!


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