It's Friday!!

Okay - did it seem like a long week to you??  I sure did to me!  I'm so glad it's Friday, I can't describe it.  It's silly that just reaching a particular day can make you smile easier, but ya know...we're a silly group.  😊

Anyway - to brighten the already brighter day (you noticed the sunshine, right???)  here are some silly things for the day.

first - and most, well, almost most's Chocolate Cake Day!! 
This is from her post from last year...but it's still good. 

Anyway, that's something to celebrate, right??  I think so.  I found the best recipe for chocolate cake from scratch that doesn't use coffee.  My son even loved it for his bday cake.  I'm gonna have to make it again... lol. 

Fun at Work Day - this is great.  I hope all of you are having fun, working away and giving all your co-workers a smile.  😊  We're happy to be here, right??!!

Holocaust Memorial Day - a somber note for a lovely day...but something we should never forget.  I hope that people remember and learn from the past...that's why we always make sure to commemorate such days as D-day, Dec 7th and today.  There is so much to be learned from global conditions during WWII...Germany wasn't the only thing.

National Big Wig Day - apparently it's a day to pretend you're the big wig in charge of something... I would imagine that's if it worked with everyone else being big wig

National Geographic Day - okay, I think National Geographic tends to be a little political sometimes, but I think they have the best photographers in the world!!  I grew up looking at their little golden edged magazine and visiting all the wonders around the globe.  We actually have a 'coffee table' book that's a collection of photos taken through the years.  Amazing stuff.  😊

National Pre-school Fitness Day -
I think it's sad that they have to promote fitness in preschool, my kids didn't have any trouble moving around and playing!  Neither does my perhaps it's just a mindset.  :)  I don't know, but have fun playing!

Have a great weekend!!


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