It's Wednesday...and we have rain...sigh

But that's not all bad.  We still need the just hope it turns to snow during the night and it will all be good...well, maybe not.  If it turns to snow, that means it might freeze where it's still wet from the snow and it could be slippery...sigh.  Guess we'll

Today isn't very big on the holiday or celebration outlook...  the only things worth mentioning are

National Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day...  I'm just not sure who even thought this up.  I mean, it's a much more organized brain than I have.  All I see is dits and dots and dash and that's supposed to mean something...sigh.  You can look into it here...   .

and Milk day - though everyone is against milk for the most part now a days.  If I were a milk drinker I'd be offended, lol. 

There's also Hot Toddy Day, but since that seems to always involve alcohol, I'll not elaborate.  Those of you who drink...have fun.  It's supposed to be the cure for the common cold...

I think you could warm up some milk, make hot cocoa and curl up and watch the rain.  Maybe watch an old classic, or read a favorite book.  sounds like a good evening to me...  :)

 Have a good one - whatever you're doing.


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