Need a Vacation?

So do I!!  I wasn't thinking that way till I was texting my daughter yesterday and asked her if we were having fun yet...on yet another day of snow.  She's in an area thats getting even more than we have, and she's feeling it.  Not fun when your little ones can only handle so much being outside, especially when the snow is higher than they are!!  lol

So I started thinking about ways to brighten her day...perhaps take them on a trip.  And then I remembered we live by a swimming pool that's covered in the winter and has $1 night on Wednesdays!!!  So, that's what I'm going to suggest for the next month or so... swimming!!

That should make everyone feel like they've gone somewhere anyway...for a couple of hours.  :)

I took a fun picture last night of our sunset, it was awesome. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to show up, so can't show you.

Well...hope you have an awesome day!! 


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