Whinnie the Pooh Day!!

How can you not celebrate that??  My mom was a big fan of Christopher Robin and Pooh, and read those books to us long before it was popular to do so.  I remember my sister telling us about her friends talking about Whinnie the Pooh and she was like, so??  I've known about him forever...lol

Anyway - it's the author's bday, so that's Whinnie the Pooh's bday.  Here's a site that has some fun trivia about him.  My kids have grown up with the movies that Disney made.  I've heard rumors that they have totally ruined it with follow up stuff, so I don't even want to hear any more about it.  The friends in the forest are going to forever be as they should be in my memory.

And because I'm a writer, we can't miss Thesaurus Day! I mean, I'd be lost without this book, let me tell you. Whoever came up with this brainchild was genius!  And that was Peter Mark Roget, where we get the Roget's Thesaurus.  He came up with the idea in 1805 (just for trivia sake) and it wasn't published till almost 50 years later.  It has since been continuously published, and I have to say I probably own 2 copies.  Good stuff guys, honest.  :)  And since the guys birthday was today, it's thesaurus day.  Good to know, right?

Well, enjoy Whinnie the Pooh day!

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