Happy Friday!

Hey everyone!  It's Friday.  I realized that it's been a while since I've sent out a silly email, so I figured it was the perfect day to do it.  Hopefully  you've had a great week - it's been crazy on my end.  My work has been running to my schools and carrying files and it's been a workout my arms weren't expecting.  They are finally starting to feel better...

Did you like waking up to fog this morning??  I love it.  I remember (way back when) we would only get the inversion during the winter, right after Christmas, and it would coat the trees and everything with frozen crystals.  It was sooo pretty.  I have always loved fog - my hubby says that's what comes of growing up in California, lol.  I could always tell when we were getting close to the beach though, the fog!!

Anyway - there isn't much by way of silly holidays today.  There wasn't even anything worth  mentioningg in food besides it's milk day...and hot toddy day...sigh. so I'm going to share my own fun stuff.
First - it's learn your name in morse code day.  Personally, I think you should make up your own code and see if people can figure it out.  😊  How inventive are you?
I wanted to share the scene from Hunt for Red October when the US Sub captain is signalling the other sub and he says - "That's okay, my morse is so rusty I could be sending him dimensions for playmate of the month."   but no one has a video clip of it.  

Anyway - here's a good winter scene for laughs.  It's one of our favorite parts of the movie While You Were Sleeping
And of course, we all need a little of Mr. Brooks...  Here is his New Years resolution clip:
although I have to say - I still think he needs speech therapy!!  Deanna, am I right???

and since everyone is wanting to be ANYWHERE else but here right now because it's cold, snowy and foggy (which I love, lol) here's a little beach vibes for you:

Hope you have an awesome day and great weekend.  I'm gonna go find some hot chocolate.  😊


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