I'm A Chocolate Gourmet...I think

I went to the library with my kids yesterday and picked up this book by Sandra Boynton (one of my favorite authors). I figure anything she writes about chocolate would be worth reading, and I was reading it during breakfast this morning, which was my first mistake - laughing and eating at the same time can cause problems, ya know?

Anyway, my favorite section is when she talks about white chocolate and carob. White chocolate (in her definition - no offense to anyone who likes it!) looks, smells and tastes like paper, and carob is considered a good enough substitute for chocolate because when you add enough veg fat and sugar, it looks and feels like chocolate. She feels the same can be said for dirt.

I knew there was another reason I liked her!

She also recommends avoiding non-chocolate situations, like weddings which are notorious for white cake and white frosting. Well, my hubby and I beat that one. We made sure our cake was chocolate!! LOL

Anyway, for someone who needs some light reading today, or in the future, I highly recommend this wonderful little book. It's good to snack to. grin.

I think I'm going to have to make some brownies today... if nothing else, I'll find the bag of semi-sweets...(which is the sign of a refined palate, if you didn't know)

Have a good one!


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