Move your Body

Let me say that I'm a bonefide member of Curves.

I used to belong to Gold's Gym, but it was too expensive and I was tired of feeling intimidated. Everyone (okay, 95%) that I saw was always in spandex and looked like they were aerobics instructors. Curves is my kind of place. You don't have to wear anything specific, I've even shown up in my work clothes (I'm not one of those that sweat profusely) and no one says anything. No one cares if you are on the heavier side, and there are plenty of us there, let me assure you.

It's a wonderful thing.

I finally got one of my daughters to join with me, it's only $10 for them if I'm a member. Today I forced her out of bed at 10 am...(sigh) and made her go with me. She likes it, she just isn't a morning person. So, she never makes it before work, and rarely after.

I have been a member now for over 8 months, and it's been a gradual thing of wonder. My heart rate is slowing, I can move around better and my back hasn't hurt for a long time. I have even had fewer headaches! Just because it's easier to make myself go to a place instead of try at home on the treadmill. least I am seeing benefits from it, and that is a positive thing that will keep me going. Yeah Curves!


Thanks for blogging about this. It's something I needed to hear. I'll check out Curves myself.
G. Parker said…
You'll love it!!! though I think I'm a little prejudiced...LOL

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