Wow...all in a few hours...

Well, like I said yesterday, there was much rejoicing in the world today when 8 am hit. Of course, most of that was mothers, waiting anxiously for the bus to take her sweet child to school so she could go spend the morning with other mothers and enjoy her freedom...LOL

Like that's gonna happen. Let me give you a run down of my morning:

up at 6 am, wake up kids and get baths goings. Hubby home at 6:20 (he goes swimming before life even thinks about coming to my body) we have prayers, he runs to work, children start line up of baths. Oldest two have breakfast (if I can force them) and run out the door at 7. Younger two take a little longer in the tub, and then get dressed, eat cereal and then wait anxiously by the door for the bus that doesn't come for another 20 minutes for one, and 40 for the other. I get the one to do the dishes he didn't do last night, and then catch up on email while they're waiting. Finish the book I started yesterday (The Lemon Meringue Murder - okay read)while waiting for youngest bus. He is way excited for school, can't believe he's in 6th grade. sigh.

At this point my body says it wants to go back to sleep, so I go lay on my bed for 15 minutes, only to have some big semi use it's air brakes right outside my bedroom window 10 minutes later. groan. I get up, get dressed, make my bed and proceed to wake up youngest daughter-she doesn't get to sleep in ALL morning. I grab some breakfast, start a load of laundry and then unload and load the dishwasher again, which is the last of yesterday's mess. It's now 9:30 and I've already done more than I've accomplished all week...LOL

So, after going to Curves and getting my work out in (which hopefully I'll get my oldest daughter to go with) I'll be set for a morning of editing. Should be a full day...sometime I need to get some sewing done.


Karlene said…
Hey, did you know you won something over on

I just popped in there today and saw your name.
Jennifer Wilks said…
Your post had me LOL. Seriously, I am so glad my kids are in school and I love the peace of only having the youngest two underfoot for a good part of the day. But on the other hand, we went from the lazy summer days of "what on earth are we going to do for the next 7 hours until bedtime" to "rush out of bed and out the door, school, homework, piano, soccer, baths, scriptures, prayer, get in bed, and do it all again a few short hours of sleep later". I'll still take the school year over the summertime, but the contrast was amazing.

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