Greetings! Spring is Back!

I feel stupid saying it's Friday! Every  I know some people live for TGIF...(Thank GOODNESS it's Friday) but I figure that also can get, moving on...

Today has a plethora of items to celebrate, so surely we'll find something that will brighten the day and bring a smile to that face!!  ;)

Ellis Island Family History Day!

  Hey, anyone see the movie Hitch with Will Smith?  Remember the disastrous first date his took the girl on to Ellis Island where she saw her great grandfather...The Butcher?  That's family history for  I think my ancestors came through there, but it would take some looking.  Family rumors were that great grandfather came over to join his father and jumped ship in the harbor...  since we've discovered since that he had an affair with his Sunday School co-teacher and left his wife (my great grandmother) for this other woman...we're not sure how much of the family story is true, lol.

Ford Mustang day - hey, my brother would probably like to know this info.  He had a nice 1969 (or so) mustang that he drove in high school.  He was one of those 'cool' jocks at school and must have looked REALLY cool in his blue mustang.  He didn't will it down to my younger brother though...who thought riding the bus was so NOT cool, lol.  What's your favorite car?  I grew up thinking Monte Carlos were awesome!  ;)  (course that might also have been due to the REALLY cute neighbor who owned )

Nothing Like a Dame Day.  Okay, so everyone who's seen South Pacific will appreciate this one.  ;)  Apparently it's to celebrate the big, brassy female characters in Broadway and Hollywood.  It just makes me think of the song.  ;)  Might have to go home and dig up the old one...the one with Glenn Close just isn't quite the same, lol.  Here's a link to some of the original movie songs...

And lastly....
Bat Appreciation day.  Ugh.  Okay - I know bats aren't all bad, not entirely creepy and all that, but I still don't think I'd want them crawling on me. Or flying around me. Or be surrounded by them...
If they were all like Robin Williams character in Fern Gully,
 then it wouldn't be so bad, right?  But I remember a movie we watched one Halloween called Bats, and it didn't put them in a good light.  sigh.  But anyway, I'm sure there's good stuff about them... so it would be a good thing to look into with kids or grandkids if you were so inclined.  Personally, I think we'll skip this one.  ;)

Hope you have an excellent weekend and enjoy what's to be wonderful weather! 


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