Hello my Friends!

There's a movie out called Unitards that is sooo funny (well, better than Napoleon Dynamite, ok?) and there's a kid in there that likes to think he's cool, and every time he sees people he says "Hello my friend!" in a sort of accent.
It never seems to go over very well, but I always thought it was hilarious.  I like to say it once in a while and drive my kids crazy.  ;)
Anyway...where was I going with this?  Well, today's thought!!
I wanted to greet my happy friends!!  I figure if you are my friends, you're happy, right? lol  ("because I'm happy"...now let the song run through your head.  ;)

Anyway - today is International Moment of Laughter day!!  I think it's sad that we have to have an international day to celebrate it, laughter should be part of every day!  But I'm not the one that makes these days up.  ;)
So - tell someone your favorite joke and see if it makes them laugh.  ;)  I only really know one joke and it's about a teacher in a Harlem type setting, so I don't think I'll elaborate it here...lol people tend to be offended by stuff like that...  I'd post one of my favorite comic strips though...(when I have time to read comics) but there's all the copyright laws...sigh.  Here's a link to one of them...FBOFW.  Why don't you tell me your favorite joke??

It's also National Library Day - which is another awesome thing.  I LOVE libraries, and could spend all day long in there, but then, ya know, nothing would EVER get done, and since my kitchen is still pretty much down to the subfloor (I know...kind of reverse progress over the weekend) I would get a riot if I tried that.  ;)
Hope you all have a great day!!  It's spring, the flowers might be there if the wind doesn't blow them away, and there is only about 6 weeks left of school.  What's not to smile about???


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