So Many Little Time!

Okay - so we have lots for today too, and some of it's crazy.  ;)

It's English Language day!!  Yeah!  hurrah for the language that is the most confusing to all on  I was listening to a resource teacher the other day explaining the difference between fair and, meet and meat.  It's fun, let me tell you.  But it's my opinion that if you choose to come live in a country where English is the predominant language, you should know how to speak it!!  ( the soap box)

It's Movie Theater Day!  Everyone go see a movie to night and support the industry that made Bradgelina a house hold name.  ;)  Actually, I love movies, that's what we predominantly watch in our house, but we can't afford to go to the main theaters, we wait till most of them come to the Kaysville Theater.  You can't beat their prices!  So, everyone go support our local small town theater that is closed on Sundays.  ;)   (man, I'm really on one today...and I think predominant is my word for the day or something...)

Take our Sons and Daughters to Work day.  I guess this would have been good to know yesterday so you could plan on it if you really wanted to...but I remember when it was a big deal and my husband actually took one of the kids with him to work.  Now my kids are all grown and they would find it really BORING, lol. 

World Book and Copyright Day.  This is apparently a United Nations sponsored promote books and how they enrich our minds and embower nations, yada yada, and to support those who create them.  As a writer, that sounds good to me... ;)

Talk Like Shakespeare Day!  Remember talk like a pirate day?  Well, now it's talk like Shakespeare.  Anyone see The Avengers?  Reminds me of the scene where Stark is meeting Thor for the first time and asks him "Dost mother know you are wearing her drapes?"  That's the general  I think this would be fun in highschool english classes.

Well...that's it for today.  ;)  There isn't anything for tomorrow, so I hope you all have an awesome day, great Friday and and even better weekend!!

What, dost the shrill ringing of a bell meaneth the changing of the guard? No, it seems to be the release of children to runneth and be free... Truth, the monks doth ring it heartily in this small building, it doth continue to ring.  "The bells, the bells!..." 


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