What's Up Doc?

Hey everyone!  It's Thursday and it feels like Friday...think it's all psychological?  lol

Well...today is Bugs Bunny day!  so we can all munch on carrots and ask everyone what's up.  ;)
 free coloring page
It's also International Jazz day, so time to turn on your favorite jazz and relax.  I think we could all use some relaxing time today.  ;)  You could watch a movie about New Orleans too...lol

It's also National Honesty day...which I remember reading sometime last year or so that Salt Lake City was among one of the more honest cities in the nation, so perhaps we don't have to work so much at that one.  ;)  See what the kids think, lol.

So, hope everyone has a marvelous day!  The temperature is soooo nice!!  Have a great weekend, you all deserve it!!!  ;)


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